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Linde Hydraulics Corporation was established in 1970 as the North American subsidiary of Linde AG, Germany. An innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of high pressure pumps, motors, valves and transmissions, Linde’s exclusive 21º technology product line allows for greater dependability, cost competitiveness, improved operating efficiencies and higher displacements with a smaller rotating group. This modular design also provides a more compact package with a high power density ratio featuring an impressive ability to handle 6000 psi nominal pressure and 7250 psi peak pressure. In addition, Linde offers a Synchron Control System (LSC), a proportional control system capable of duplicating the performance of individual pumps for each machine function.

Boasting built-in product testing, Linde is the only hydraulic manufacturer to design and build its own capital equipment – lift trucks. In developing components that are designed and tested on Linde lift trucks, top quality is assured before being offered to OEMs.

In working with OEMs, Linde and its distributors find hydraulic solutions to a wide array of equipment including agriculture, construction, defense and natural resources. These products are marketed through a network of professional hydraulic distributors in the United States, Canada and Central America.


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