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Linde Material Handling from 1904 to 2006

On February 15, 1904 Dr. Hugo Güldner, Dr. Carl von Linde and Dr. Georg von Krauss founded the Güldner-Motoren- GmbH in Munich, Germany.

The till-now part ownership in the Linde Ice Machine business is complimented by the complete take-over by the Güldner-Motoren-Gesellschafft. A restructuring of the manufacturing program follows accordingly.

Production of small diesel motors begins.

Production expanded via gas driven motors and generators, aero engines, plough machines and diesel motors to the manufacture of tractors. The first Güldner tow tractor model A20 goes into series production.

Production of the first hydrostatically driven vehicle, the so-called Hydrocar, in Aschaffenburg.

1958The Hydraulics department was established - later to become the basis
of the Industrial Trucks and Hydraulics Division. Production of the first forklift truck with hydrostatic transmission.

In addition to Linde Forklifts, the hydraulics customers include manufacturers of construction equipment, agricultural machinery, forestry machines, materials-handling equipment and municipal vehicles.

The "Gesellschaft für Linde’s Eismaschinen AG" changes its name to "Linde AG". The Aschaffenburg firm henceforth trades under the name of "Linde AG, Werksgruppe Güldner Aschaffenburg". In the same year, the hydraulics series A is completed. It consists of hydrostatic pumps and motors with a bent axis design based on the THOMA principle.

The division concentrates on the hydraulics and forklift truck product ranges. The production of tow tractors is discontinued. To-date 300,000 diesel motors and around 100,000 tow tractors have left the Aschaffenburg factories.

The introduction of the BPV variable displacement pump is the beginning of the transition to the hydraulics series B. The innovative swash plate design makes pumps and plug-in motors much more compact and lighter. Also, functions such as flushing can be integrated for the first time.

1984 - Load Sensing Valves, a component of the Linde Synchron Control-SystemLinde introduces load sensing technology with the Linde Synchron Control. The synchronization of the movements of all simultaneously operating components, such as boom, stick and bucket on excavators, enables speed and precision. In addition to the hydraulic and mechanical components such as pumps, motors, swing drives, gears and control valves, Linde also provides the electronic control for the LSC system.

Linde can already look back on a long development in the field of electronics.

Merger with Fenwick to become Fenwick-Linde S.A.R.L. in France (warehouse materials handling equipment).

Linde expands its position in the European Industrial Truck market following the merger with Lansing to become Lansing Linde in Great Britain. The product range includes counterbalanced forklift trucks, full and empty container handling trucks, sideloaders as well as warehouse materials handling equipment.

The "Linde AG, Werksgruppe Güldner Aschaffenburg" now trades under the name of "Linde AG Werksgruppe Flurförderzeuge und Hydraulik".

Linde forms a joint venture partnership with the second largest Chinese forklift truck manufacturer in Xiamen. 

Introduction of 02 Series axial piston machines with a swash angle of 21°, which is considerably higher than the standard angle of 18° used in the industry.

This design principle achieves significant advantages, such as compactness, increased efficiency and precise control behavior. It also enables the implementation of integrated solutions.

40 years Linde hydrostatic transmission - Driven by Innovation.
As pioneer of hydraulic components, Linde has not only marked the way in construction equipment: For 40 years the hydrostatic transmission has ensured a wear-free power train system in Diesel and LP Gas forklift trucks. A milestone was reached with the delivery of the 200 000th forklift truck with hydrostatic transmission in February of this year. 600 registered patents speak for the innovative power of Linde technology.
2000 - motor-pump combination K55
Development of the K55, a motor-pump combination in a common housing, for the infinitely variable CVT tractor drive.

Linde produces the 100,000th forklift truck of the 351 Series, Diesel and LP Gas engine counterbalanced forklift trucks. The H 20 to H 35 models proved a resounding success and firmly established Linde in the big league of the industry. Since their introduction in 1985, with the typical Linde design which has little changed in looks, this range became Europe's most built forklift truck and one of the most popular worldwide.

The new production factory for Heavy Trucks and Container Handlers is unveilled in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

Introduction of the innovative, completely redesigned forklift generation 39X, initially with a lifting capacity of 2.0 to 3.5 tons.

With the SPU silencer for regulating pumps in an open loop, Linde reduces the pressure pulsations and therefore the noise emission by up to 70%. The noise level is lowered both inside and outside of the cab throughout the entire operating range, regardless of pressure, rpm and temperature.

2004A further current highlight is the PTO-Motor, a variable displacement motor with a through shaft, so that torque can be delivered at both ends of the shaft. The design engineer can therefore integrate the PTO-Motor directly in the drive train. The essential advantages are lower production costs due to the elimination of the splitter gearbox, better overall efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

Introduction of three additional models of the 39X forklift series with a lifting capacity of up to 5.0 tons. The decisive factors for the success of the new Porsche design forklift are numerous technical innovations, such as the fourth generation of the Linde hydrostatic drive, the electric "Linde Load Control" and the electronic "Linde Truck Control".

The business segment Linde Material Handling celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Linde Material Handling is separated from Linde AG corporation and now is legally independent. Linde Material Handling Division now is Linde Material Handling GmbH & Co. KG.

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