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Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc

Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops

  • jerk-free low speed
  • high starting torque
  • large conversion range
  • zero angle possible
  • dynamic response
  • PTO through-drive motor
  • compact design
  • high power density
  • high reliability
  • long service life

Design characteristics

  • axial piston motor in swashplate design for high pressure closed and open circuit systems
  • optimized starting and low speed behaviour
  • purge valves for circuit and case flushing optional
  • stepless or 2-position control
  • electric or hydraulic controls
  • superposed pressure control optional
  • brake pressure shut off optional
  • swivelling to 0 cc/rev
  • high pressure relief valves available
  • through shaft with free shaft end or with coupling flange
  • SAE high pressure ports radial or axial
  • SAE mounting flange with ANSI or SAE spline shaft
  • plug-in version optional
  • speed sensor optional
  • double and tandem motor available


  • H1 hydraulic stepless
  • H2 hydraulic 2-position
  • H4 hydraulic stepless Vmin= 0 cc/rev
  • E1 electro-hydraulic stepless
  • E2 electro hydraulic 2-position
  • E4 electro hydraulic stepless Vmin= 0 cc/rev
  • E6 as E4 with inverted shifting
  • EH1P-CA hydraulic stepless with pressure override and electric pressure selection

Technical Data

Max. operating speed at Vmax rpm430038003700320031002700240033002900
Max. speed at Vmax* rpm440041003800350034003000270034003100
Max. operating speed at Vmin rpm470044004100370035003200290041003500
Max. speed at Vmin* rpm530050004700400039003500320044003700
Nominal pressure bar450450450450450450450450450
Max. pressure** bar500500500500500500500500500
Output torque (Δp=430bar)Nm37451971992811331438192914372267
Corner power kW184239309360415482586677878
Weight approx. (without oil) kg283242567610114698149
* highest transient speed, that can temporarily occur
** highest transient pressure, that can temporarily occur
3D Model HMV-02-A2-055N-E100000A210-N10N0-DS0T21-R00-000-R00-018-999-N
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Exploded View

  • 1control: optional swashing to 0 cc/rev
  • 2swash plate: hydrostatic bearing
  • 3piston-slipper assembly: 21° swash angle
  • 4housing: monoshell for high rigidity
  • 5valve plate housing: highly integrated
  • 6ontrol piston: integrated, hydraulically captured
  • 7rotating group: precise torque transmission even at low speeds
  • 8optional Through-Drive: available with two shaft ends for torque transmission
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